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About Us



Mum, musician, doctor, hobby gardener, lively organizational talent, realistic optimist, creative mind and responsible for videos/photos and social media



Dad, enthusiastic athlete, passionate cook, mechatronics engineer, practical strategist, gourmet, patient haven of peace and responsible for repairs, technology and the website



spirited dancer, singer, language talent, explorer in nature, wonderful nose, imaginative storyteller, animal lover (except for dogs and spiders)



Cuddler, persevering tinkerer, constructor of all kinds, wild water rat, gourmet connoisseur keen to experiment, caring stubborn, sister fan, music lover


Together we are an adventurous family that wants to explore the world on our own. It is important to us to teach our children values such as environmental awareness, sustainability and cultural diversity. And what better way than to experience it yourself, to see it, feel it, feel it, smell it, hear it.

So that we feel comfortable as a family, we always have our own home with us. So our children have a familiar and cozy retreat to process the many new impressions.

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